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Zuvoo Freemium – Create Your Own Product Finders for Free

Wouldn’t you want to help your customers find their right products sooner and close more sales? You need to prevent them from leaving without buying just because they couldn’t quite decide what to pick.

Say a customer came to your site looking for a chair. Upon typing ‘Chair’ in the searchbox, she will be greeted with a vast and utterly random collection of chairs ranging from $25 molded plastic chairs to $1000 custom designed, leather upholstered, adjustable recliners with heated cup holders and a foot massager. Suffice to say your customer is in for a treasure hunt.

Choice overload is one of the biggest reasons customers find online shopping confusing and frustrating, often causing them to leave without buying. If only you could help the customer specify their wants and needs, you could offer up the most relevant products, significantly increasing your sales and customer satisfaction.

That is exactly what Zuvoo does for you.

So what is Zuvoo?

Zuvoo is a Guided Selling solution based on the SMARTASSISANT SaaS Technology that allows you to design your own product advisors. A Zuvoo designed product advisor works just like the courteous sales attendant you find in a brick and mortar store who takes the time to understand what exactly you are looking to buy and shows you products that fit your expectations.

To give your online customers the same kind of personalized attention, reduce choice overload and help them pick their perfect product faster, you can create your very own product advisor in a few simple steps with Zuvoo.

This product advisor will ask the customer a series of multiple choice questions about what they are looking to buy, and based on these responses, offer products that best match their expectations. You can add as many questions and as many product options as you want and even let customers compare their favorite features across multiple products. And the best part is, Zuvoo is easy to use and absolutely free for up to 1,000 advisor starts per month.

What makes Zuvoo perfect for you?

Easy User Experience

Zuvoo understands that you have your hands full with giving your customers good products and great service. A product advisor should make your job simpler and not more confusing. That is why Zuvoo saves you the trouble of extensive coding, web design and data management. All you need to do is follow easy steps, integrate your product data just once and let Zuvoo handle the rest. It uses the ‘What You See is What You Get’ or WYSIWYG platform which cuts out the coding and lets you see during setup what your final advisor will look like on the website.

Helps reduce choice overload, increase value sales and minimize returns

By letting you create custom designed questionnaires that allow single or multiple responses, Zuvoo helps you get inside the customers’ mind and know exactly what they need. This way, the customer is happy with not only a great product but also how easy it was to choose it. Since the product will meet all the customer’s expectations, there will be fewer returns and overall less expenses and more money for you.

Adaptable to any business

You could be selling anything from crayons to cars, Zuvoo can create product advisors for you. Absolutely anywhere where your customers need help choosing the right product, service or even information, Zuvoo can help.

Mobile optimized with integrated compare feature

As you know, mobile shoppers are revolutionizing ecommerce. Zuvoo allows you to easily use your product advisors on mobiles or tablets too. No separate coding required for that at all.

Zuvoo also lets you add a compare functionality. This allows your customers to compare selected products in a clear, neat and quickly loading overview. Moreover, it lets you choose the specific features that must show up in the comparison chart.

Getting started with Zuvoo

So how do you get Zuvoo to do the work for you? It’s quite simple really. Just visit zuvoo.com and click on the Get started button and fill out the form. Once your account has been set up after a brief eligibility check, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details. You can now simply access the system and begin clocking in your questions. Just follow these simple steps.

1) Connect your data

Once you log in, you will see a screen with different tabs and pages, the first one of them being the data management area. Click on that and simply upload a CSV file of your product data. In a self-explanatory interface, you can configure columns and product feature tables. Just add units and define the text to be displayed when a value is not set.

Zuvoo Product Data Upload

Zuvoo Product Data Upload

You can also set up a schedule for when the data needs to be updated. So whenever new products arrive, their automatically part of your advisor.

2) Create your advisor

Now comes the fun part. Get up close and personal with your customers about your product. Ask the right questions to get a feel of exactly what they are looking for so you can provide them with the most relevant choices.

Zuvoo gives you a WYSIWYG platform allowing you to create and formulate your questions just the way you like. You don’t need any coding or HTML at all. Just type in your questions and map them to associated product features either manually or automatically with a single click. Zuvoo saves you a ton of time and energy there.

Zuvoo WYSIWYG Advisor editor

Zuvoo WYSIWYG Advisor editor

You can choose a set of answering formats such as checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders and dropdown menus. Your product advisor can be as customized as you like.

You can easily add images and infotexts right next to the questions to give customers a better understanding of product choices.

Taking things a step further, you can add inline translation to make your advisor appealing to an even wider audience.

You can easily record advisor interaction flows. These allow your product advisor to seamlessly change course based on the customers’ responses.

3) Design your advisor

Like we said, you don’t need any special coding skills with Zuvoo. There are different templates that you can choose from and have your advisor ready in no time.

Zuvoo Advisor Templates Library

Zuvoo Advisor Templates Library

If however, you would like to design your own advisor, you can easily do that with a little HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge. Either way, you can make it look great to your customers with little effort.

4) Go Live

You’re almost there. All you need now is to have your JavaScript or HTML code generated that you can embed in your website and that’s it. The product advisor is now ready to solve your customers problems.

Zuvoo Advisor Preview and Integration

Zuvoo Advisor Preview and Integration

Zuvoo is your one stop shop for creating customized product advisors. With its clean interface and easy adaptability, it not only cuts your work in half but also makes your customers lives easier. Win-Win for everyone. Zuvoo is indeed the ultimate Guided Selling solution for your business.

Have you already used Zuvoo for your Guided Selling endeavors? What is your favorite feature? Share with us in the comments below.

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