Guided Selling Live! 2016. Be There and Be Inspired.

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Guided Selling Live! 2016. Be There and Be Inspired.

We have given it a new name: Digital Advice Live!
Join us at the 3rd edition of our conference in London on September 21st 2017. Website: 

2nd Guided Selling Live! at The Monarch Rooftop Lounge, Manhattan, New York on June 23rd 2016.

Guided Selling Live! is an annual conference where the industry’s best minds come together to share ideas, learn from each other, discover trends, and exchange thoughts on how to serve customer better, faster and smarter with Guided Selling. – Markus Linder, CEO SMARTASSISTANT

With a unique line-up of inspiring thought-leaders, international experts, entrepreneurs and professionals, Guided Selling Live! is the only event that covers Guided Selling strategies and tactics to help you create unique experiences for your digital shoppers.


Why Guided Selling Live! ?

There’s no other way to put it – the rise in digital has brought forth a dramatic shift. As the Internet and people’s smartphones play and increasingly important role in the consumer’s decision-making process, digital has fundamentally reshaped the shopping journey. Google’s Consumer Barometer shows that today’s consumers rely on various connected devices in preparation for an upcoming purchase and smartphones being an important resource during research.

Consumer Barometer with Google

Consumer Barometer with Google

It’s an uncomfortable truth for laggards: Businesses that do not understand digital as an opportunity to attract, impress and engage their savvy shoppers in new ways, to stand out and differentiate, and to satisfy their high expectations, will find themselves left behind.

2 in 3 consumers don't find the information they need and 43% will leave frustrated Click To Tweet


However, while much has changed, one significant thing hasn’t: People still look to businesses for their expertise and advice to help them make their choice. The only difference is that less people consult sales associates in their local stores, but rather rely on online information sources before, during, and after shopping.

Businesses that are able to provide an informative, customized and need-based experience that is tailored just for the individual shopper are more likely to win their loyalty and repeat business, ultimately leading to them becoming the #1 Point of Decision. Simply put, businesses have to assist their digital shoppers wherever, whenever, and however they prefer to shop.

64% of shoppers are more likely to shop in stores that provide specific recommendations Click To Tweet


If you care about providing your customers with a unique, need-based and personalized shopping experience that is proactive, makes choosing easy, and keeps visitors coming back, then join us Guided Selling Live! 2016.

Whether you are already using Guided Selling solutions or are considering integrating digital advice solutions to enhance your customer experience, this conference is a great place for you to brainstorm ideas and discuss trends with peers. Guided Selling Live! is a great platform to discover, learn, connect and deepen your understanding of what works for different businesses and industries.


For readers of the Guided Selling Blog, we have a special discount code that will give you 25% off the regular ticket price when getting your tickets until June 1, 21016:

Use the code SPECIAL-BLOG-GSL16 and save 25% until June 1, 2016!



The Speakers – Be Inspired.

Learn from some of the most noted experts at Guided Selling Live! 2016. They have a vast knowledge of consumer trends as well as of using Guided Selling approaches to improve the customer experience and generate a positive ROI.

You’ll have a chance to be there as they share their insights and can pick their brain during interactive sessions that will provide you with fresh ideas, disruptive new thinking and smarter ways of serving your shoppers.

Check back at for the updated list of speakers.
Guided Selling Live! 2016 - speakers


Save the date!

Guided Selling Live! 2016
Need-based Personalization – Connecting digital shoppers with the right products and solutions
June 23, 2016
The Monarch Rooftop, New York

Use discount code: SPECIAL-BLOG-GSL16 (Tickets)

Guided Selling Live! 2016 is your chance to hear from industry leaders and understand how to implement personalized, need-based, and optimized shopping experiences to connect with digital shoppers who just won’t settle for less. They demand more of you and Guided Selling Live! helps you give them a hassle-free experience they won’t forget.

And of course, it’s also a great opportunity to have a good time in “the city so nice, they named it twice”.

See you there!


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