The 2016 Consumer Expectations Report [Infographic]

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The 2016 Consumer Expectations Report [Infographic]

What They Expect and Need From You Today!

The amount of information, choice and technological opportunities that are available today make nearly everyone expect more. Customer expectations are rising faster and businesses need to stay up-to-date with customer expectations to respond accordingly. It’s no longer enough to put products out on display and expect consumers to buy.

Meeting customer expectations and delivering a great customer experience is equivalent to competitive advantage and must be a top strategic priority. It’s a unique opportunity to be different and stand out in a crowded market place.

You need to know what customers want to deliver the expected service, increase customer satisfaction and affect future purchase decisions positively. Customer expectations, however, are never static, but are evolving continuously. It can be somewhat challenging to know exactly what those expectations might be.


What do consumers want and how do they decide and shop?

Consumer Expectations Report


To enrich the understanding of consumer behavior and expectations today, SMARTASSISTANT and ResearchScape International conducted an extensive survey of 573 consumers in the US, UK and Germany to learn more about their perceptions, expectations, behaviors and habits across various channels, industries, and contexts.

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Preview and explore some of the survey findings in this infographic


This article originally appeared on SMARTASSISTANT and has been republished with permission.



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