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Steven van Belleghem

Steven van Belleghem is an expert in customer focus in a digital world. He is a thought leader in the transformation of customer relations and the future of marketing, inspiring companies to become truly customer-centric organizations in this high-speed digital world. He is a popular speaker at home and abroad taking his audience on a journey to the world of modern customer relationships in a clever, enthusiastic and inspiring way.

Steven is also the author of four bestselling books. He became known for his first book, The Conversation Manager, which won the award for most innovative marketing book of 2010. Steven also wrote The Conversation Company, When Digital Becomes Human (best marketing book of 2015) and his most recent book, Customers The Day After Tomorrow. Over 100,000 copies of his books were sold and they are published in 7 languages. Customers the day after tomorrow is nominated for the award of best international business book.

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